There are various strategies of disclosing an invention. It is, understood, here that the invention is disclosed to a reliable patent attorney or patent agent. According to a first strategy the patent attorney gives a disclosure template form to the inventor and asks the inventor to disclose the invention by filling the fields in the template.

It has been observed that the disclosure template is not sufficient to disclose the invention completely. The template generally includes fields like the name, title, novel features, description of the invention, diagrams if any, how did the invention click in my mind, any incidence, need of the invention. Other fields like signatures of the witnesses and inventor are also included in the template. However, this space in the template form is not enough to describe the invention. The inventors try to furnish the information in the limited space in the template unless he is directed to give more details. The another aspect is that the disclosure template is very general and not invention specific. So there are chances of missing novel features of the invention in this strategy.

According to the second strategy, the inventor discloses the invention by producing a prototype or by disclosing the actual device. There are cases where the inventors have disclosed their invention with a number of photographs showing various views of the invention. The patent attorney and his technical experts such as engineers has to understand the invention using the prototype, find out various technologies involved in the manufacture, use, application and method of use in the best mode of the invention. A lot of cooperation of the inventor is needed in the second strategy.

Good inventors maintain a log book of development of the invention. The log book acts as an evidence to prove "who invented first?". The log book also helps to describe the specification of the invention.

There is a need of developing a disclosure strategy for efficiently understanding the invention with the disclosure given by the inventors.